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favorite this post I almost pooped myself

Ok, so I'm leaving for lunch about 12:45ish and I walk out of the building and I see my boss out front. I say "Hi, Bossman". He say hello and asks if I am heading out to lunch. "Yep" I reply. He says his cab isn't here and could I give him a lift to Dulles. "Sure thing" I unsuspectingly say.

Flash back to last night....

I go out to meet a friend to watch Game 4 of the series. We meet up and he's got this most delicious herbal refreshment. So we catch said buzz in said car and back in the bar we go. When its time to leave, he gives me some that hes broken off and we part ways. I get into my car and realize how bad it smells. I also ditch said herbal refreshment into the center console where it stays.

I'm leaving for work this morning and I get into my car and BAM! The smell hits my like jackhammer. I laugh and proceed to my gopher hole you could call an office.

So back to the parking lot....We're walking over to my car and I'm not even thinking about it. We're chatting him going away for a long weekend. I press the keyless entry and he opens the back door to put his bag in the back seat and I hop in the front. My face turns to horror as the engine starts and the bossman jumps in the front seat. The door shuts and my boss gets this look on his face and then lets out a long high pitched "woooooooooooo weeeeeeeee" while waving his hand in the air.

its about this time that I start pondering where I should look for work and is my resume up to date.

"Smells like you hit a skunk" Bossorama says while still sniffing the air.

I knew that was coming, I thought to myself. Not being able to think of anything clever to say, I shrug and keep the subject on his upcoming long weekend. "Is the wife going with you" I weakly say as my heart flutters a mile a minute and I try to figure the absolute fastest route to Dulles. This is going to be one long ride Im thinking.

"No, she can't make it" say Bossman....and goes on to say something about her having a conference and hes going to see his brother. The chat goes on for a few more minutes and then silence. I'm about 15 mins still away from Dulles at this point when I hear "So, (insert my name here)."

And I just know its coming. I'm fired. Gone. Canned. Kaput. Firedtown..population me. At least I get off early today, Im thinking.

"Are you gonna catch me a buzz or what?" That ladies and gentlemen is when the cartoon "Wha-Wha-what!?!? Happened. He laughed and repeated the statement.

When he opened the car door at Dulles to get out..he was laughing so hard he was crying and I was over in the passenger seat laughing. But I didnt know why I was laughing. It was more nervous laugher because after we smoked he just got the giggles and starting laughing.

Wiping tears and still half laughing he snorts "Have a nice weekend, (my name here)."

"Thanks! You too!"

Then he waves turns to head to the airport, stops and wheels around. Looks at me and says "I'll be you thought I was going to fire your ass didnt you?"

That man is now 30,000 feet up having a drink and still laughing his ass off.

this is in or around Herndon

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