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Satan's Marionette Puppet

Condition: Fair(ly) odd and unsettling.

You'll love it:
Runs around the house while you sleep and ends up in impossible places.
Winks. But no one will believe you.
Makes laughing noises coming from your attic.
Causes mysterious and unexplainable "accidents". (ladders tipping over, garbage disposals turning on, brake lines cut)
Could make a great mobile for a baby's crib. Disclaimer: May cause irrational fear of dolls late into adulthood.
Comes with the original padlock chest it was found in after being recovered from the bottom of the ocean.

Price: 10,000 souls.
Willing to trade for Monkey's Paw. (must have min. of 1 wish left)

BONUS: Stigmata edition

Anz.-ID: 4454130169