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So I'm not 100% sure I really want to give these away yet. But I know I really should. It's just that they are so enticing and I just can't stop myself from beating them and I can't quite figure out why. It's certainly not the sound they make. They don't sound like bongos at all. In fact I can hit just about anything else in my apartment and make a better sound. I think the sound they make would be these bongos worst feature, followed shortly by the way they look. They are slightly chipped in a couple of places and have some very cheap looking nylon trim around the rim. So they are not all together pleasant to touch either, but tolerable. They only have the slightest noticable "bongo" smell. I haven't ventured as far as tasting then yet, so I can't vouch for their flavor. However, you're welcome to give them a quick taste test if you like.

So what I am getting at is that they are not the most enjoyable bongos to play. Though if you were drunk or stoned or naked or drunk and stoned and naked, I'm sure that you would love them.

So despite all this I can't keep myself from playing them. My freinds have all been driven away by the sound. And refuse to come visit me unless the bongos are gone. And no, it is NOT my lack of rythm. Seriously, it's the bongos fault. So I think they have to go. I mean given the choice of my freinds or the bongos, I think I have to go with my friends for all the reasons mentioned above. My friends certainly look better and make much better sounds when I hit them. Though the bongos might win out on smell, but only just barely. You're welcome to give my freinds a quick taste test for comparison if you like too.

So if you would like these bongos let me know. You can come pick them up any evening this week or just keep an eye on the center of the intersection of 16th and U, as they may be getting tossed there at any moment.


this is in or around Dupont

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