Originally Posted: 2004-09-10 11:21am

favorite this post MC with another awkward CL-assisted date...

Dear Craig, you meddling buffoon,

This letter is to inform you that I am not only addicted to you, I am subjecting myself to another blind date tonight, with some career-obsessed, potentially flaky, high maintenance, metrosexual guy. That I met through you.

Craig, you are my friend when I need you the most. You entertain me with 'best of' and RnR, when I'm sitting here, wasting away at my desk.

You taunt me with your (m4w) posts.
You inflate my ego when I post on (w4m) and get 120 responses.

But your judgement leaves something to be desired. You're a little too EOE for me; I often wish you were a little more selective. But that's what makes it interesting, so I'll deal with you and your yenta tendencies.

I hope this date doesn't suck a big one. I keep hoping you'll find me a winner.

I'll be seeing you soon. Brunch sunday?

Your friend,

this is in or around WDC

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