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Over the past few years we have all seen craigslist evolve and grow, there didn't even used to be a rants and raves page we all had to post in the MC's. for the most part It hasn't bothered me, when I was subletting my apartment it took no time compared to 2 years ago when no one seemed to even know about this site. But now this has gone too far.
My parents are now regulars and its all my fault.
My sisters and I have all now moved out of the house and my parents decided to rent out the spare rooms so I sugested that they advertise here, its free they will get a ton of responses, you know. They did and their borders seem to be working out well, so then my parents decide to sell some of our old furniture, ok they sell it here, next there was the car, and my dad is continually e-mailing me ads for things he thinks I should get him for his birthday. But now it gets worse, I was on the phone with my mother the other night and she starts asking me about facials and FB's and if its really that common and commenting on why are there so many married men looking for dates/sex. EXCUSE ME, what was that? Oh yeah, my mom is reading the personals and apparently not just the M4W section but CE and R&R as well. I don't think I can ever enjoy this site again. From now on if I'm reading some post about a married couple looking to spice things up or an older married guy looking for some action on the side or a married woman looking for the same, the first thought that will cross my mind will be that it could be my parents, and I just don't think I can handle that.
So Mom and Dad if you read this, Please leave, let me waste my work hours in peace. I will let you keep the housing and for sale sections but please not the personals.
Your loving Daughter

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