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favorite this post Ode to Interns

Oh, interns, how I hate ye
You are so very stupid

At my job, you sit near me
You get yelled at
For being stupid
But today you have brought
Your dad
To work
You are introducing him
Like a total douchebag

You are the worst things
to happen to Washinton
Since Panda-mania
(you are even more useless)

You roam the streets of Georgetown
Like a horde of wild animals
Last night at a stop sign
I had to wait 10 minutes
For 100 of you to cross
With your stupid Lush bags
You might also shop at
Commander Salamander
What are you,
In high school?

The fourth of July
Will be the worst intern day
In the history of stupid interns
They will take the metro
To the mall, which will be near
Their stupid Hill office buildings

Oh interns, you are so stupid
I bet you have never even
Heard of Wonkette

I have three words for you

Go fuck yourselves

this is in or around DC

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