Originally Posted: 2004-06-03 12:25pm

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...that mullet of yours was SO adorable! And the fact that you sucked down about 23 Camel reds in the course of an hour tells me that you probably have the kind of husky, raspy voice I really love to hear first thing in the morning (not to mention when I'm traveling and call home to see how you and the cats are doing...purrrrr!). When you "accidentally" put your hand in my pocket (thinking it was your girlfriends'!), I knew that we were destined for each other. Let's sign up for reparative therapy at Exodus International, TODAY, and start the home we've both always wanted. Please don't let them throw out your strap-ons, however.

Kiss kiss,

Beaver Boy

this is in or around Club Chaos, last night

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