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favorite this post I'm out

Thank You, CL. seriously

A year and several months ago (before rnr, kids) I discovered this silly little list. Someone recommended it to me for apartment searching and mentioned that missed connections and casual encounters were good for a laugh. I ventured into activity partners, never replied but a few months later, little more than a year ago, I posted. Not because I didnít have enough friends or people to do stuff with or even for a boyfriend. I was bored with all of them and wanted to see if this ridiculous thing worked.

I posted an ad in activity partners. Looking for Öpeople. Not to do anything in particular or for any type of person in particular. Just open minded, fun, spontaneous people. There were a lot more words to it, but thatís basically what I was looking for.

Of the people I met from posting that ad (ended up physically meeting 3 and have been in touch with one via email since the initial response) Iím still in touch with all of them regularly. I then responded to one girl looking for a club buddy. I hadnít been to a ďraverĒ club in years but thought itíd be fun to see how the scene changed.

Person # 1: The first person Iíve ever met from online. In three months I fell completely in love with this fucker. on accident. My beach buddy last summer, best & worst sex ever, biggest mental challenge, most emotionally unavailable and catalyst of the most personal growth Iíve ever experienced. Too bad weíre both still too young and stubborn to stop being assholes.

Person # 2: Met the day after #1. Took me on the greatest dates Iíve ever been on in 4 short weeks. Combination of conversation, respect, humor and just outright fun. So hot. So built. Amazing person inside and out. I was too busy being infatuated with #1 and don't regret the way things went.

Person # 3: Actually, I just remembered I donít talk to this kid anymore. Psycho ex-girlfriend issues. He was really cool though.

Email Guy: Itís funny how easy it is to talk to someone that doesnít have a face. Because you vowed to each other that youíd never actually meet. We played 20 questions for months back and forth. He was my sounding board through all the drama with #1. Gave me many different perspectives in lots of life situations over the past year. Iíve never met him but heíll always be someone I have a huge amount of respect and care for. Good Luck in Africa.

Club Girl: From the moment we stepped into The Big Hunt on the first day we met, and both ordered hot wings and beer, I knew it was meant to be. We sat there for hours, as though we were long apart friends, catching each other up on years past. She spent Memorial Day Weekend with me this year and is as dear to me as people Iíve known from age 10.

Actually, thereís one more. I almost forgot. Right before I quit my CL habit I responded to an ad for a guy who was new to the area and looking for people to hang out with. I was such a mess when I met him. Weíve since lost touch because he wanted more than I was willing to offer. Biggest heart Iíve ever seen and fanfuckingtastic cook. Because really, there's never too much cheese. on anything. I wonder how heís doing?

It's been over 7 months since I quit CL cold turkey. I came back a couple weeks ago because I was bored out of my mind one day at work. Then I realized... CL changed my life. How fucking cheesey is that? Crazy, I know!

Never in a million years did I think posting a few paragraphs on some text only website would give me all of this. I've collected all my gold from the end of this rainbow

So besides the occasional "best of" check, I'm out.

Thanks again

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