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I'm a lawyer, and people find me quite appealing in bed. Then again, my legal briefs are always packed with excitement, and I always take time with my pro boner, err, pro bono clients.

Plus, I'm constantly praised for my oral skills. If you've down something bad, give me a call, I'll be right there to get you off. I mean, really, there's a reason it's called the attorney-client privilege. I'll take care of that civil action--and you know I'll keep it confidential, even if you've just blown the case wide open, if you know what I mean.

We'll take the position, make the motion, and you'll get what's coming to you. And that's a precedent us lawyers will set. And then, because it always comes back up on appeal, we'll overturn it for ya. And we already know, it's in arrears, and we're taking care of it. And if that's got you all hot under the collar, we know how to play with justice.

So come on, baby, don't trust that hearsay. Give it a trial run. Don't you know your rights? 'Cuz if you want a lawyer, one will be provided for you to stop that unreasonable search and seizure with just one hearing--though I don't think you'll be exercising that right to remain silent. I guess you've never heard of juris-diction; uh-oh, I think there's been a breach.

Objection? Overruled.

p.s. I know we're just courting, but after I make my oral arguments, I think I'll have you pleading for more, until we decide to settle and enter into a mutual release.

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