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I leave my apartment at roughly the same time everyday as Iím sure most people do. Not being much of a morning person and being somewhat of a competitive person I find that a little competition in the morning helps invigorate me. This competition comes in the form of a morning race with some guy whom I notice has the exact same schedule as me. Usually as I am walking out the front door I seem him about 50 feet in front of me having just crossed the street.

Now most people would say that such a race is stupid or pointless because the same person would inevitably win. However, the great morning race has certain strategies that must be accounted for and we each have our advantages. My principle advantage comes in the fact that I have the better top speed between the two of us while my opponent has the greater acceleration. For those who remember Mario Cart on SNES I am like King Koopa and he is like Yoshi. With these advantages in mind it means I have to attempt to judge my street crossings carefully in the hope that I never have to stop on my 5 block walk to the metro.

I should also add that there are certain rules that must be observed:
1. Never acknowledge that a race actually exists (no talking to the opponent)
2. No running and it must never appear that you are actually in a hurry
3. No reckless disregard for safety

With that said my rant is what occurred this morning. I was on a 5 day winning streak and feeling cocky. I had timed it perfectly with my four north-south street crossings and my one east-west crossings the last several days and had never had to stop. Today though as I was about to make my first north-south crossing the light turned yellow and I had two choices, I could either continue or wait the two seconds and make the east-west crossing which is the most difficult crossing and the one for which you do not want to be stuck waiting to cross. Maybe it was a case of the Mondayís or maybe I was just not feeling confident about my chances if I continued walking but I did the two second wait and then crossed. This meant that I lost my top-speed advantage. Well, my opponent was ahead of me then and I was never able to catch up. He caught all the lights and handed me one of my worst margins of defeat in the morning raceís history. I feel the shame of defeat and now Iím just moping around work.

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