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favorite this post You people do not represent DC

As a relative newcomer, I am appalled at the misanthopic views of you pissants posting here in RnR.

At first I thought it was funny. Then I started to think that maybe DC was a horrible place if all of the people here thought/acted the way indicative in this forum.

Now I know there are only about 12 people that post here regularly anyway.

1. The antagonist (hates women, blacks, fat people and liberals, you might want to thank this person for starting most of the issues that you argue about and then gnaw on in your mind all day.)
2. The do-gooder (on a crusade against SUVs and whatever the hot topic of the moment is)
3. Centrist
4. Bush-suckling-jackass
5. 3-pm (keep it up btw)
6. Offended fat minority woman (you know you are in the right, so why answer these fiends?)
7. Give me advice guy (asks for romantic/auto/computer advice)
8. Attention-whore (wants on the best-of-list, some of you may call me that guy. I'm not.)
9. Responder (answers every post, no matter what the subject. Similar to antagonist, but does not always take the opposite or most offensive position.)
10. Sexpot (answers all the antagonist's post referring to sex in a way that makes it seem like she is the ideal woman, but always adds a footnote to say "don't contact me" or "I'm taken," and this person may also be resposible for the "first time caller" calls to Elliot in the Morning as well.)
11. Crackhead (illegible posts)
12. The wit (creates some truly funny shit, and often is not quite recognized for it.)

I am not one of the above. I do not post regularly, and I quite possibly won't ever post again. Only because you all (with few exceptions) bring me and this fine city down.

Instead I will go out and meet the great multi-cultural people of this city. The highly educated professionals who, for the most part, came from other places to make this world better.


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