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Time for a salute to an inanimate object… I love you, you strategically placed 15 foot tower at the top of the escalators in the Metro stations. Each day I look to you for guidance and never give you a second thought, but today I will remember you always and hold you near to my heart! For today, you trapped a fat bitch that was in such a hurry to make her train that she tried to fit between you and the concrete wall, and got her fat ass stuck.

As this big ol’ piece of human shit barged off the Red Line at Metro Center and pushed her way through the crowd. I wished instant death on her. You my new friend have given me much more satisfaction then death ever could have… She could not be patient and thought it would be a grand idea to bypass all of us by doing what a lot of people do daily, slide between you and the wall to get on the escalator immediately. She instantly became wedged and in the process of swearing at you she managed to try to turn sideways and tore her purse off her shoulder, and all of her belongings made there way under the feet of passer by’s and got kicked around. Then the big ol’ piece of wasted sperm backed out and started to scream at everyone to stop and help her pick up her stuff..

Her cries fell on deaf ears this afternoon. Some laughed, some ignored her vulgar tongue and others made it a point to kick something for the hell of it.

Will this person learn from her mistake? Probably not… But as long as you stand tall and fight the war on fatties, I will always love you and never look at you as just another sign in a Metro Station again!!!

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