Originally Posted: 2003-08-29 12:39 (no longer live)

The Greatest Descriptive Names

Sure, Loudy McLoud and Fatty McTactless are excellent names for describing that overbearing roommate or that co-wroker who lacks any social skills (or the ability to put down the cheeseburger bacon parfait) and I appreciate everyone's collective efforts to make my day as a law clerk a little better by using them in their posts. Heck I dont' even live near one of the major CL webpage cities. I have to slum around as an outsider and enjoy the posting of places I have never been and laugh like that idiot we all know who chuckles at an inside joke even though it is quite obvious they haven't the foggiest idea what is going on.
But I digress. I would like to submit Edie McAllTheFood as possibly the greatest descriptive name of all time. You can use it for a female or male. The fact that it is Edie would denote female but it fits for the male gender as well. It also gets the point across. That point being: I was going to have that last slice of pizza but Edie McAllTheFood decided that he needed to curb hunger that might come around in, say, 2018, so he scarfed it instead.
On second thought, for those muscle bound morons we see who can't wipe their own asses, I suggest and decry that Big McLargeHuge is the greatest descritpive name ever. Forgive the waffling as both our excellent choices and would be wonderful representatives.
Please debate.

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