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Most of the women posting personal ads on Craigslist include the shittiest pictures possible. Here's proof:   (these are all actual pictures)

Either you're too stupid to operate a point and shoot, or you intentionally flashed out your face because it's hideous. To be on the safe side, I'll go with stupid and ugly. Seriously, what's the point? You're ugly, we get it.

Translation: "I'm ugly and fat. Here's a picture of a gladiola."

At least you selected the better looking one of the two of you. Here's some advice, this is not M4D, so don't post pictures of your dog. How about, oh, say, posting a picture of your mug instead? Oh right, that would make too much sense wouldn't it? Nice pink collar by the way. Does it have a bell?

This one looks like a venereal disease through a microscope.


Seriously, what the fuck.

I think I'll take the skeleton in the sombrero.

Is this the car you want to be fucked in?

I feel like a fly on acid looking at this one.


More flowers...

More stupid flowers. Newsflash ladies: flowers don't appeal to men. Why would you post them? Oh, that's right, you're ugly.

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