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Help!! Wife Found Out About Mistress

My Wife Found Out About My Mistress--Now You Can Have Her

Things were going along just fine for the last few years. She and I had occasion to meet regularly, sometimes every evening in a week, if only for a few minutes at a time. We had one of those relationships where everything just seemed to click. It was like she was made for me.

But then my wife found out.

You could say she wasn't very happy with how I was spending my time. You could also say the Grand Canyon is a good-sized hole in the ground. So now I'm left with the unpleasant task of having to find a new companion for my mistress. Normally I'd just walk away, no strings, no fuss. But I just can't bring myself to do that to her. It's a curious thing, but once you meet her I'm sure you'll understand. Let me tell you a little bit about her.

She's blonde, but not one of those blondes you see on the street every day. No bottled, bleached, fakey blonde here. Just beautiful, natural, rich blonde of the most enticing hues. In sunlight it's almost mesmerizing.

I've never been anywhere with her that people didn't comment on how beautiful she is--women as well as men. It's just how she is--it's like people can't help but say something when they see her. I know how they feel. I've felt that way ever since I first saw her.

How did we meet? Well, that's a story all in itself. Funny thing is, she comes from a family of beauties. Before I met her, I saw one of her sisters out with a friend of mine. Being the witty guy I imagine myself to be, I asked that ever-original question, "Does she have a sister?" My friend, enjoying a good laugh at my expense, asked what I would like if I could have anything I wanted. I told him, but it wasn't until over a year later that I found out I had described her to a T. I was stunned the first time I saw her--even more stunned when he told me she was willing to go home with me.

Well, I couldn't take her home, of course, and so started our clandestine relationship. We would never be seen in public by anyone who knew me. I much preferred to stay in with her anyway--who needs a smoky night club when you have companionship like her?

And what companionship! Words can hardly describe her. Slender, with curves in all the right places--if you know what I mean. Her favorite outfit is nothing but a little gold above the neck and around her waist. Seductive doesn't even begin to describe the nature of that look!

Speaking of looks, here are a few pictures so you can have a look at her. If you're interested in taking her home with you, please contact me. I won't let her go with just anyone, but if the terms are right, I'm sure we can come to an agreement. Just do youself a favor: if you're married, don't let your wife find out. On the other hand, I'm told there are women who would love to have her in their house, too. I don't know about any of that, but as long as it's a good home, I'll be happy for her.

Now that I have your attention, here are the details. This is a custom-ordered 2002 Paul Reed Smith McCarty Hollowbody II. I really did wait 13 months for delivery. Why am I selling? I'm shifting away from instruments (of course I have too many!) and into my recording studio gear. This guitar has never been played out. It's in beautiful condition. Here are some features:
- Carved flame maple top and back. I didn't order a 10 top, but I've never seen closer to perfect with better flame--front or back. The clear natural finish really shows the wood off, and with the gold hardware it has a very unique character.
- Mahogany sides and neck (wide fat)
- 22 frets; 25-inch scale length
- Rosewood fingerboard
- Abalone bird inlays (added option)
- Archtop Treble and Archtop Bass humbucker pickups with gold covers
- 3-way toggle, volume and tone knobs
- Stoptail
- Locking gold tuners with ebony knobs (added option)
- Gold hardware (added option)
- Leather archtop hard case
- All original tags and paper included

I'd like to find a home for this guitar that would put her in the hands of a player who can do her justice. That's not me. I once had a conceit that my playing would rise to the quality of the guitar, but I've had to face the hard truth that I'm a techie and a voice guy, not a player. If you're the player for her, let me know. Serious inquiries only. Cash, money order or PayPal only. $4100.00

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