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I saw your ad on the W4M section of CL and decided to contact you. Naturally, I paid little attention to the details of the ad itself.

Why? Because those details are unimportant to me: who you are, where you live, the kind of guy you’re looking for, while understandably important to you, are merely superfluous to me and my goals.

No, what really mattered to me was the fact that you advertised yourself as female, providing me with the opportunity to shower you with some of my lovely cock pics. Which is what I did.

You wrote back, claiming that if I ever did that again, you’d humiliate me publicly on this board, that you’d publicly post photos of what you described as my “small, deformed, diseased pistil.”

Humiliate me? Impossible.

Why? Because I’m an artist of the first-rate. In fact, I’m the Alfred Stieglitz of cock pics.

Please, take another look at my work. Take a look at the first photo I emailed you, which I’ve entitled “Desperation and Post-Modernity.” Don’t you see how beautifully I’ve framed my member? Can’t you see how the light from my computer monitor catches the glans, bathing it with an intense pale blue that allows you to see both its smoothness and its rigidness? Outside of, say, a Monet painting, have you ever seen anything more lovely?

Now note the second one I’ve sent you (working title: “After Kafka”). Note how deftly I’ve cropped the subject, about three quarters down my left testicle, suggesting both vulnerability and mystery. Note how, barely visible above the tip of my penis, you’re able to make out the cover of "Black Tail" magazine, suggesting a motif of anger and solemnity, of urbanity and relief, at once both tribal and civilized?

Humiliate me? No, my dear, by posting my work, you honor me.

Once you sense the power of my work, you’ll clearly understand how analogous it is to the power of my fucking. One mind-blowing three-minute session with me and you’ll understand why artists such as myself attract women: it’s a deep-seated sensitivity to the world that artists like myself are only able to communicate by taking photos of our cocks and anonymously emailing them to you.

I’m here, my dear, cock bathed in light, awaiting your reply.

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