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Stylish Multi-Functional Bike

This was an art project from my first year at Camosun College Visual Arts program. I did a bunch of the work at Recyclistas and on campus at Camosun, it has a kind of sentimentality to it for me but I no longer feel as connected to it as I did back then (it has been about 5 years).

The frame is really sturdy but because it was built from an adult tricycle it's a kind of fixie (definitely no San Francisco bike!)
The toilet seat part is great for carrying groceries, I used it frequently at Welburns when I lived around there, got lots of comments!
Also if you are big on bike touring in a pinch it can be used a literal toilet! The bottom is a removable steel sheet that is held on with sturdy clamps making it easy to clean afterwards. I say just a good hose down in the backyard and your good to go.

Not to mention the amount of interest from the ladies when you ride this thing down the street! I dunno what it was but it was a kind of pick up bike back then, maybe things have changed but when I rode this thing around town I was a freaking chick magnet!

All in all it's a sweet set of wheels that is both functional and statement art piece by a local artist!

Price is firm but I'm up for trades
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