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Unique Coffee and Side table (will injure children)

It's with a heavy heart that I must relinquish possession of my beloved coffee table.

As you've undoubtedly noticed by the picture provided, it's a most unique and handsome coffee table; it's capacious multi-layers and glimmering sheen is the centre piece of any living room.

I know by now you think it sounds like not only the perfect coffee table, but also the ideal accent piece to any room, and you'd almost be right. Almost.

It's asymmetrical beauty comes with a steep and ominous cost. It has roughly 10 metal, kinda sharp corners, in varying heights and angles and therefore punishes the heedless and ungraceful with leg abrasions at every turn, and the only way it could be anymore lethal to toddlers is if you put it at the bottom of an unattended swimming pool.

It's structure is robust; chrome and thick glass. I'm not sure what it's exact dimensions are and eyeballing without getting of my chair, I'd estimate 4 foot by 3 feet and like, average coffee table height, but it'd be different in metric.

I don't know how much it weighs, but it's metal and glass so let's just go with 'a lot for a coffee table.'

It also has a slight mar in it's beauty in the form of a shallow, 3" chip in the corner of it's glass top.

If, after searching your soul, you believe this coffee table is destined to yours, it can be made so with a mere pittance of $40, roughly 10% of it's original price.

It also comes with a matching side table, that frankly I don't much care for.
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