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I need someone to retrieve a hidden obelisk

This is a serious job. 5 years ago my friends and I lived in Dunbar, and before we moved out we entombed a powerful relic in the sump pit of our basement. The relic in question is a sort of elongated trapezoidal prism (obelisk, picture above) made of white-grey marble, and engraved with gaelic and ogham scripts. It is around 12x3x3 inches and weighs approx. 4kg.

My request is twofold; first, that you would travel to the address of the house to see whether it still stands, or whether it has been demolished and redeveloped, as the landlord told us it would be. Upon receipt of video evidence of the demolished/reconstructed house and the surrounding area, the job will be over and you will be paid $25.

If the original house still stands, your next task will be to explain the story to the current resident(s), follow my directions to the basement sump pit, retrieve the obelisk, and arrange for its postage to Ireland. This will earn you $100, as well as any fees incurred with shipping the relic.

It is very important to myself and my friends that the obelisk be interred in Irish soil, as our country is experiencing an unstable political climate at the moment. Hopefully this will help to restore balance and safety to all.

Le buĂ­ochas

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