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An open letter to the person who called the police!

Where do I begin? First off thank you. Thanks for being in right place at the right time and doing the right thing.

On a cold January night you saw my husband swerving all over the road. You followed him while dialing 911. I hadn't been able to reach him for a few hours and was frantic by the time this happened. He was out driving under the influence. I appreciate you and everything you did for us.

Yes he was drunk, hammered even, and because of your actions he was arrested and charged. (His first ever offense)

Also because of your actions, he didnt cause an accident, he didnt hurt anyone else and he was able to come home to us.

He is now sober. He has been for a few months now. This was a huge wake up call for him, he is deeply remorseful and is still dealing with his actions. It hasn't been easy but I really believe that your phone call saved his life and possibly the lives of others. I thank God for you every day and that the outcome wasn't worse.

Many thanks,
His wife.

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