Originally Posted: 2008-02-24 3:59pm
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favorite this post To the owner of the dog who took a shit outside my apartment building (Bute & Nelson) hide this posting unhide

All I have to say is Fuck You for not picking up your dog's shit.

The dog park is literally 25 meters away. You couldn't make your stupid dog wait 2 minutes? No. Instead, I step in your dog's steaming pile of crap on the SIDEWALK right in front of my building.

Even after I took my shoe off, and left it outside my apartment building, I could still smell your dog's shit all hovering around me like a toxic cloud.

Have you never had to clean dog shit out off of a pair of New Balance runners before? Maybe you should take a look at how many ridiculous grooves there are in the soles.

Meanwhile, I try to delicately rinse off your dog's shit in my bathroom sink, little bits of shit water splashing all over my clean hoodie and jeans. I start gagging because I can taste the dog shit steam . No matter how careful I am, shit water runs over into the actual shoe, soaking right through.

Puking a little in my mouth, I run away... just to come back to my fucking cat taking drink of your dog's shit water in the sink.

You asshole.

The kicker of it all is I just bought a brand new toothbrush. I haven't even used it for 3 days, and then I get to use it to clean out all of your dog's shit out of every single fucking groove of the soles.

Dog owners in Downtown Vancouver beware: the next time I see you NOT pick your dog's shit, I will be glad to pick it up for you.

You just don't want to know what I am gonna do with it.

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