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Right now I'm looking for a place to live in the city, a little bit closer to work and rugby. I can't afford my own place, mostly because I want to live within a thousand miles of the city, so Ive been looking for some shared accomodations. Mostly, I've been checking out craigslist for places, and am having a bit of luck. However, the search is made a little more difficult by one thing. I'll be looking around, minding my own business, when I will stumble across the perfect place. It will be like

"Room-mate wanted, large bedroom with private bathroom, kitchen, pool, cleaning robot, and furnished with revolving heart shaped bed and 90 inch plasma. Building is above a culinary shcool that will cook all your meals and pumps cinnamon buns smell into your room to wake you up.

You will be sharing with single Pulitzer prize winning supermodel who won't be home as she must travel to exotic photo shoots between lectures. Will be home occasionally to practice her stripper routine, but when out of town you can use her Porsche.

rent is $47."

I find places like this all the time, and am nine digits into feverishly dialing the phone number when I see the punch line, those two little words that mean so much:

"Female Only"

Arrrggh! i got my hopes up and blam! This! What a rip-off! It's just not fair. Why should girls get special treatment? I mean sure, I guess there are so many mysogonists and creepos and jerks out there that many women would feel acutely uncomfortable living with a guy they knew, much less a total stranger. And I suppose cheaper rent is totally justified when society is set up in a way where women make less money doing the same job as men, with a glass ceiling preventing them from moving into a position where they could change that. I'll even give them the fact that a break on rent is nothing compared to the undeserved recieved benefits many men feel entitled to, the ability to be sexually aggresive without being a "slut" or reserved without being "frigid", to be "out of shape" but rarely a "fatty". All these things aside, barring all these incredibly unfair things women everywhere have to deal with, I'm still cheesed, because, well, because...

Oh man, i think its because I'm a total asshole.

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