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So like yesterday I was on the West Vancouver bus and like

So, I was like on the way to Vancouver from like the West Vancouver ferry docks. Like there were these like 6 or like 7 girls who got on and came to like downtown Vancouver and like no kidding, like they were like totally talkative all the way...like really like talkative. Like they would not shut the F up.

So, like as I was like saying, as they got on the bus like near Marine Drive, like it was like a total insanity ride.

Like there were these 7 girls - probably about like 14 or 15 years old who would like not stop talking. There was no conversation, like because every one of them was like talking non-stop - like every second..

Like, I totally feel like sorry for their parents, because like it was just uncool...like it really annoyed me. Like Totally. Like I would hate to be their parents, like I might have to pull their tongues from their throats or something.

So like any ways...

Not only that, but like also, like there was an insane amount of like repeated words...not like the word "like" or anything.

So, like it got me thinking...so like what if these chicks had their mouths taped up for the hour long busride that it took? Like really? Like what would they do without like talking all the time?

SO - after an hour on the bus, like I was totally just tired.

Like girls...I know he is like so cute and all, and like that dress that you are thinking of wearing, like it just won't go with that new shade of like Luminere lipgloss and all, but like whoa -

Like how can either one of you have like a conversation with each other like when each of you is like talking nonstop?

Like that is not a conversation...ok? Like totally not!

Oh and like yeah, girls...like maybe you should like get like a thesaurus or like something, because the word "like" is becoming like really fucking annoying and like maybe another word in it's place will like show any amount of education and like creativity that like you might still like have left.

Like really!

Like totally like get a grip on using another word...like there are a good dozen to choose from...like check it out ok?

Main Entry: like
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: similar
Synonyms: according to, agnate, akin, alike, allied, analogous, close, cognate, commensurate, comparable, compatible, conforming, consistent, consonant, corresponding, double, equal, equivalent, homologous, identical, matching, near, parallel, related, resembling, same, such, twin, uniform, allying, approximating, approximative, coextensive, congeneric, congenerous, equaling, in the manner of, jibing, much the same, not far from, not unlike, on the order of, relating, selfsame, undifferentiated
Notes: use 'like' when no verb follows; use 'as' when a clause follows (which has a subject and a verb)
Antonyms: different, dissimilar, unlike

Like to me, you really sounded like uneducated stupid self centered little brats who could not shut the fuck up and let the passengers or the driver sit in peace for a few minutes.

Like I'm glad when you finally left the bus, because I was like tempted to bust all the teeth in all your mouths, so like you won't be able to like talk any more and then you will not be able to annoy all of us..


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