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Supersize Your Car

Car attic. 3'x3'x18" That's about 14 cubic ft. for you mathophobics. No leaks. Can be locked with padlocks. Roof racks not required, but it isn't magic. Clamps to vehicle rain gutters. Look at your vehicle: if you don't have any place for it to hook on to, it'll fly - and that's not what you want! Red Green fans: don't even think about duck tape.

Can be used as a spacious, 1 bedroom loft for the mother-in-law. How about a little peace and quiet from your yappy mongrel? Kids need separating? Portable hot tub? If you travel with a lot of cats, fill it with kitty litter. Your woody will be the envy of the neighbourhood sporting this multipurpose addition to your modern lifestyle. No trailer hitch? No problem! Turn your 4 banger into a mini-pickup. Double your haul (in or out) at the next flea market. Take a load to the dump. BTW, they don't take terrible twos, teens in any state of mind (I tried), couch potatoes (whew), etc. Now you can finally relive your hippie days: just slap this on your VW bus and head for the next Woodstock. Highway only air conditioning can easily be implemented with a 1/2" drill bit, but this would void the warranty, if it had one, and may limit the unit to non-aquatic uses (see below).

Not convinced you need this? Wait! There's more. Yes, better than a paring knife. Leave the lid at home and you've got a balcony for the next air show. Concerned about sinking ferries? This may just keep your Cooper afloat. Take that "business" trip: she'll never suspect it's full of fishin' gear. Yessiree, it floats! Attach an outboard at your own risk and if you do, I wouldn't suggest intercontinental travel or even an Alaska cruise. However, it would also increase the resale value of any $1M+ yacht - it can store life preservers and double as a life raft.

Don't even have a car? Hey, don't let that stop you from acquiring this gem. A sandbox in the backyard will surely increase your ratings on the next kid Gallup poll. Catch rainwater for the garden; fish pond; garden planter; small swimming pool or jacuzzi (use any old vacuum in reverse for bubbles); massive bird bath; live animal trap; bomb shelter...well, you get the idea: indispensable. It's light. Take it home on the skytrain or bike rack of any bus, but best to avoid peak hours.

Sorry, no quantity discounts. Hurry! Only one left. Cars pictured below are for illustrative purposes only and are not included (duh), but I might be able to set you up with enough lawnmower parts for self-propulsion, which may get you some additional carbon tax refund. But...I digress. If you require an owner's manual, print this page.

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