Originally Posted: 2005-09-26 6:53pm

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So, last night I'm on my usual walk home though east vancouver and I
hear some rustling in the bushes. I look down and there is the most
miserable looking little chicken I've ever seen. The warehouse at the
corner of Commercial and Hasting is some kind of chicken rendering

Anyways, I manage to catch the chicken, which is not an easy thing to
do, and bring him home. God knows what he ate off the ground or
experienced while running around east van.

So there is a dirty and tattered (but otherwise healthy) little chicken
in my bathroom, I can hear him chirping away as I type this. He has
water, some torn up newspapers and some whole grains to eat. Oh, and
we put the lava lamp in there in case he got cold.

Willing to give this chicken to someone who will take care of him and NOT eat him. He must be one smart chicken to escape from the death factory and then I carried his filthy ass all the way home. This chicken has earned his retirement. I'd take care of him but we have a large cat and no real yard.

If possible please provide picture of Mr. Chickens new home or field. Proof that you will not eat him would help too.



P.S. Please don't microwave plastic

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