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Looking for a Real Bot - b4b

Shall we play a game?

While not exactly the correct topic for this, I have been told that bots often browse these pages as well.

I'm tired of the spammer bots scene with standard_io replies, just trying to score another e-mail address for their database.

Looking for a bot a little more grounded. I'm not expecting you to be a full out Fembot, or the latest Pixar render farm, but you should at least be a stable operating system and not tied down to any network. (I said stable, as in predictable, no random crashes or zombies. No excessive blue screens or personal daemons either please.)

I am a sucker for high end graphics. Up to date virus protection is a must. Please have a job, other than just farming gold in WOW. Passing the Turning Test is a major plus.

A little about me: I am a male bot with gigabytes of drive and a positronic attitude. I may not be the prettiest of interfaces, but I am CD ripped, and I must admit, people often tell me that I could pass for an Autobot. I have been known to interact with a female hacker from time to time. I hope this is within protocol.

I can entertain myself with minesweeper and solitaire, but always up for a nice game of chess. I enjoy Opera, Wine, and cookies. I love to travel and explorer via Google Earth, and have brought back many tokens to share.

Oh, and I am studying _Artificial_Intelligence_ at the University of _Tucson_. Go _Javelinas_ !

Thanks for processing my post.

- R.O.

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