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Handyman needed for fairytale ending...(UPDATED)

HEAR YE! HEAR YE!!The position of the "Castle Repair Technician" has been filled! (Insert trumpet sounds here)

THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR REPLIES...both those offering your services and those just writing to say they enjoyed the story. The response was overwhelming and the queen is still replying to all of the responses.


Once upon a time in a land far, far away there once lived a queen whose king was too busy to handle some of the small jobs around the castle. Things like fixing a ceiling fan, the garbage disposal, the leaky kitchen sink, a broken gate and fence around the castle's pond and taking a peek at the dishwasher that has become a ROYAL pain. The queen asked and asked, but the king was still too busy. (At least for this story's sake we'll say "busy") So the queen decided to never ask the king again to do these jobs...instead, she thought it would be best to seek out the nicest and skilled handyman in the kingdom. She placed an ad on the royal internet asking for a well mannered, licensed and insured (liability and WC) handyman to help her with these chores. The queen (who is also effected by the kingdom's economy) is seeking a reasonable estimate or two and is even willing to purchase her own replacement parts if that will keep the costs lower.

Your reply to this ad will surely help the Queen of Nag-a-lot (and of course the king) live happily ever after...

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