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Vintage BiWay plastic shopping bag

I have a vintage BiWay shopping bag that is perfect for anyone who hangs out on Ossington. It's the same bag that you wouldn't have been caught dead using when you were 10, but now that those shoes with the "Nike swoosh that has a split it" in are cool again, what better way to carry them than a BiWay bag? Well, a Bargain Harold's bag would be a close second, but I can't help you there. I CAN help you with a genuine BiWay bag, and said bag can help you carry your 6-pack of PBR home in style. Why pay $0.05 for a shopping bag when you can whip out the genuine BiWay bag? Carrying things in this bag when I was a kid led to social ostracism, but in these troubled economic times, you can be a God amongst men with it.

Possible uses of the genuine BiWay bag:

- Holds a 6-pack of PBR.
- Holds a few pairs of your grandmother's glasses that have no lenses in them.
- Holds up to three pairs of skinny jeans (folded).
- The first 2 seasons of Flight of the Conchords can fit comfortably, with room to spare for one of Bret's snarling animal sweatshirts.
- It looks dashing covering the seat of your fixie during a downpour. Its advanced impermeable construction protects your Brooks saddle from being soaked from the water streaming off your mustache.

Don't delay, get your genuine BiWay bag today!

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