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This fish is a JERK! hahaha... Please read! :)

Okay so here's the story. I have a bullfrog named Herman. He eats feeder fish (about 1 dozen every 5-6 days... he's got quite the appetite.) that I get from a local store. A few weeks ago I bought him a round of victims and he ate all of them except this one small brownish/greenish fish. I figured it was just because he wasn't hungry but I have never seen him pass up a meal. I left the fish in his tank, feeding the fish daily to keep him alive, and still... Herman wouldn't eat him. I eventually felt sorry for the fish and put him in with the rest of the feeder fish in the feeder tank. I did some research including posting on here asking what kind of fish he was, and figured he was either a juvenile cichlid of some-sort or just an ugly feeder. He'd been in there for about a week before I started calling him "Snack" and yesterday I finally broke down and bought him his own tank and a cute little Pearlscale goldfish to keep him company.

This morning I was watching them swim and to my horror... Snack started attacking the Pearlscale!!! I put him back in the feeder tank to save the Pearlscale from getting hurt (he's cute!) and he started attacking the Feeders! WTF SNACK??!?!?

I did some more research and have discovered that he is not a feeder fish or a cichlid, but a juvenile Green Sunfish. They are SUPER aggressive and territorial and do best as a single fish (with something like a Crayfish as a friend as they are both pond dwellers and won't eat eachother) or in groups (but only from when they are babies)... I read about some people keeping them with Cichlids since they are also aggressive, but as of now, I can't keep him with the Pearlscale or the feeders... He's a jerk. An angry, territorial jerk. hahaah...

I'm posting to see if anyone has an interest in adding him (or her) to their tank of Cichlids, or starting a new tank? He's about 2 inches long at the moment, so you can start off with a smaller tank and just have the tank grow with him? I'd trade for something cute, little and non-aggressive that I can keep with the Pearlscale (Shrimp, another Pearlscale (small), African dwarf frog, etc...)

Let me know what you have, and we'll take it from there. Don't say I didn't warn you that this fish was a jerk tho... :)


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