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Polar Pop cup collection

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I have 1060 ( close estimate) of 42-44 oz Polar Pop cups that I have saved. These are at my office and now my boss has decided I need to get rid of them. I don't need that kind of negativity, but, he is a really cool boss, so I will accommodate.

I dunno if someone has a use for them, I mean we made a cool arch way that contains 100 cups to achieve, so, with a 1060, you can make 10 of them for a typical interior door.

These are all clean. I would get my daily soda and once done, I would fill the cup up with ice water to drink for the rest of the day. The following day, I would get a new soda and the old cup would be stacked in the office. This collection did come in handy for the incidental cup that would get a hole it it. I always had a back up cup.

This has been in the office for 2+ years. Believe it or not, I had more cups, but a year ago we had a weird smell in the office; later found out our wiring was smoldering, but at the time, my cups were getting the blame! I threw about 500 of them out..... But, when the smell didn't go away and we saw smoke, we knew there was a different issue. Again, these cups are all clean and I knew in my heart the smell wasn't coming from them.

Some of the cups have things written on them. I would use them sometimes as a reminder for myself to do things. I would lose post it notes, and since I ALWAYS have a Polar Pop cup with me, it was perfect to write my daily reminders on the side.

There may be an incidental cup from another soda stop. I believe there are a few Express Mart cups and a Sonic cup, but other than that....POLAR POP rules.

Come get ASAP.... I hate to throw them all away......

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