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I adopted your dog in 2009 his name was Biscuit.

I adopted your dog in 2009 his name was Biscuit. 1 thumbnailI adopted your dog in 2009 his name was Biscuit. 2 thumbnail
In 2009 I adopted a pom mix from a family that lived in Greystone Subdivision in St. Charles. Your daughter was so heart broken but what ever your reasons were you had to re home him so you put an ad on Craigslist and I had responded. You said it was between and someone who maybe wanted to breed him. You chose me!! On Feb 13 2009 I came to your home to pick him up. I promised your daughter I would love him and give him a good life. I promised I would keep you updated on him and fully intended to keep that promise but lost your email along the way. We renamed him Buskit, don't ask me why though.

I must have given you quite a fright when a few weekends into us having him you got a call from a stranger saying they found your dog! We knew we would be out all night and got a sitter (nana) who let him out without a leash and he ran!! A friendly neighbor found him and I hadn't put his new tags on so you got the call! You emailed me and asked if I changed my mind!! Never.

As time grew he just became part of the family, there for every family get together and holiday, trips away, and just a shadow for day to day life. We loved him and he became a big brother to two human sisters that adored Buskit. One of girls is scared to be alone so she basically trained him to stay by her side when she is home. He would try to leave the room she was in and she would give him treats if he stayed. Everyday just part of the family.

Recently we found out he had a heart condition and breathing condition. We did everything for him seeing a dog heart specialist, medications, and even prescribed food to give him the best quality of life for whatever time we had left with him. Today he lost his battle and we had to say goodbye.

I have always been grateful to you and your family for giving us the most loving, sweetest, silly little boy. Buskit had a good life with a family that really loved him. If you ever wondered what happened to him I hope you know he was well cared for and you made the right choice and he was loved to the very end.

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