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Pirate Ship For Sale

Pirate Ship for sale. Professionally built by two aging hockey players in the twilight of their relevance, in the backyard, in Golden Beach, MD. Many hours, beers and yards of knuckle skin went into the planning and creation of this wondrous vessel. Sailed over 3 death defying days from the Patuxant, through the Chesapeake bay to its final home at Port Tobacco Marina on the beautiful Potomac. Registered as a 44 ft vessel, she is Coast Guard Safety inspected and meets all Coast Guard specifications. From the tip of the elegant bowsprit to the tail of the pontoons she is about 56 ft long. Powered by the Rolls Royce of outboard engines, a 1986 115hp Mercruiser (tower of power) she cruises at a stately 6mph. Stereo system, LED lighting and a classy stripper pole finish off all the luxury accents of this glorious party boat.

Buy it to impress your friends. Buy it to piss off the neighbors, buy it to make the wife divorce you, just buy the bloody thing. Comes with a deluxe matching trailer that is way far from being road legal, but you're never going to trailer this diamond-in-the-rough anyway, cos it's too damn cool to be on the land. Guaranteed to get you laid. Be that guy that can turn to the hot chick in the bar and say, "yeah, I've got a pirate ship".

Pay full asking price and we'll throw in a genuine original Spirit Halloween Store pirate hat and eye patch.
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