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Fall In Love With Me/The All Mixed Up - w4m

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I was looking for blank cassette tapes at the thrift store to make some mix tape of my own when I found yours.
Labeled only on the tape itself, The All Mixed Up on one side and Fall In Love With Me on the other. Non descriptive J Card.
These are the kind of thrift store finds I always dream of. I bought your mix tape plus a blank one for a dollar and went on my way.
I figured I'd at least have a cool story to tell my friends if it all went badly, but never expected my own emotional response to the tape when I listened to it. There was no track listing, which made the mystery all the more intriguing. You never know what you're gonna find on a blank mix tape. I definitely fell for you by the time I started side B, A Smiths cover song leaked over from side A. And by the time the Yo La Tengo track started to play as a parting gift on side B I knew I had to find you. I'm not sure how your relationship played out, or who that tape was meant for, but I feel like it's only fitting for me to give back to you. Mix tapes are very sentimental. And even if you don't want the tape back, I want you to at least know it's in good hands. You might not even exist, or you might exist in a completely different time. And that's ok. I found your sonic diary in the same batch, some recordings of a lecture on side A and other bits and pieces that go on for 20 minutes, travels and sounds you've heard. This might not be you but I believe in the power of mysteries.

I might not ever find you but I'd like to. Tell me who else was on that tape. Tell me which artist you put on there multiple times, I found another cassette mix with just that one band too. I'd like to hear what else you can make, and maybe make you a mix of my own.

I'll be waiting...

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