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Im an executive at a bank downtown, and have had trouble getting to work on Thursday and Friday because of the protests. My first thought was how ridiculous the protestors are! But after seeing some of the hot women, Im now very interested in meeting at least one of these ruthless rough girls.

I have an MBA from Stanford. Since I have focused all 35 years of my life on school, getting rich, and enjoying the "good life", I have had diffuculty finding another suitably greedy women to love. I look like the typical Marina blond, and people assume that I am a straight women. This has been a real problem for me. Guys think Im gorgeous, lesbians assume in straight.

So what Im looking for is someone on the opposite end of me: a young, financially struggling, leftist/anarchist women who absolutely hates my kind.

You have seen me shopping on Chestnut street. You spray paint my furs on Sundays. You despise my black Range Rover 4.6 HSE, and all the fuel it consumes. My 5'10", 125-lb "The Sports Club LA" gym toned body makes you ill. My sparkling blues eyes behind my Gucci sunglasses scare you for some reason.

So here is my offer: Let me take you out for a night. I will make reservations at Gary Danko, and since your no doubt a vegan, I will talk to Mr. Danko myself and make sure a proper meal is prepared for your sensible tastes.

After a few bottles of vintage 1972 cab, we will start talking about politics. Once the debate gets heated, we will head back to my house across from the Marina green to end the night.

If you slap me, I will slap you right back. Kiss me, and I will kiss you right back. If you like it rough, I love it rough. If you like scenes, and prefer for me to be the women cop and try to arrest you while you resist, I can put on a show.

I can see this sort of opposite-attracts relationship lasting for an eternity. Im able to pay for your Berkeley education, buy an evergreen Toyota Prius or Honda Insight for you to commute back/forth in, and if you dont want to live with me, I will even purchase a Berkeley hills home for your exclusive use.

We can trade in your street clothes for ever-hip Diesel clothing, allowing you to still look/act the part without anyone knowing about your financial backing and resources.

I envision it already: we can have this secret, indulgent relationship without anyone knowing. Your not suitable material to accompany me to galas, or even company events, so it would have to be kept a secret, as the press would have a field day with me.

Just a lonely, well to do rich single mid-thirties financial executive lesbian yearning for my youth and looking for the love of my life.

If I sound interesting, please e-mail me under one condition: we can never agree. This relationship will strictly be based upon conflict, disagreement, and love. Like the song goes, its a thin line between love and hate.

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