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favorite this post Sex Kills...

So there I am, waiting for the bus as usual... Iím at the Bart station, of course. Pigeon central. Iím bored, as I forgot to bring anything to read, and am entertaining myself by watching the pigeons. The male ones are hooting and cooing at the females, fluffing their feathers and dragging their tails in that fan-thing they do. One male is particularly focused on a rather clean looking female (she has all her toes, oo la la!), and is so focused in fact that he canít pay attention to anything else. She must have been hot in pigeon terms, but Iím no judge of pigeon hotness (if I were, um... ew). So heís cooing and hooting and dragging and then all of a sudden... the 91 rolls by.

Right over the horny male pigeon. Ahh well. I suppose itís natural selection at work... poor guy, his brain was frozen by hormones. Oh and as for the girl pigeon? She got hooted and cooed at by a bunch of other males, so Iím sure sheíll move on.

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