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Thanks to Homeless Dude that crashed in our RV

Seriously man, thanks.

You crashed in my girlfriend's RV for a night or two, maybe more.

Thanks for not fucking it up. But really man. It means something to us that you were able to find a warm, quiet place to sleep for a bit and that she was able to provide it.

Thanks for not breaking anything to get inside. It's an old RV and finding parts could've been a pain in the ass. I really didn't want to spend a day replacing the passenger side window to a '75 Chevy RV. I wouldn't even know how to replace or patch up that old Sears Aluminum siding had you ripped the flimsy ass lock or used a screwdriver to get in. Plus, i just don't think alot more money should be sunk into it.

Thanks for not stinking it up. I mean, even if the boxers that were hanging from the curtain and the cabinet were a bit sketch, you still did a great job at not stenching the place out. No harm, no foul I say. Also, thanks for having the human decency of not using the toilet in the RV and thus avoiding the smell of feces.

Thanks for not throwing a party in there. Sure the RV is some pretty cool digs to have some friends over and rock-out, but we are so appreciative all the carpet is left unstained; no used needles floating around in a sink-ful of vomit; and no weird stains on the upholstry. Thanks for keeping it to yourself and keeping it tidy and relatively untouched...this is huge man, huge.

Seriously, though- what'd you think of the interior? Pretty cool, eh? My girlfriend painted it; sewed and installed all the fabric coverings and curtains; and cleaned it all up. Yeah, she's rad.....(and you should see my girlfriend!)

She's looking to sell it after Burning Man- so who know's- maybe you are ready to rock that style?!!!

We didn't want to move your things out, but we kinda needed you to not be in there at the same time, you know? So, we put your black bag, sleeping bag, and dirty ass boxers along the fence next to the RV. Sorry man. I hope poeple don't take your shit. Really. This is Berkeley and anything not bolted down to your house is taken quickly.

Don't even worry about the old-ass bologna, american cheese slices (which maintained format, size and consistency), penicillined-out cheddar, and milky-way bite size (snacks????) things, that created an onslaught of swarming ants into the old, PRISTINE fridge. It really wasn't that bad of a cleanup. Tip: ants die when sprayed with Method all purpose (non-toxic and biodegradable)spray. [sorry Gabbie, don't think it was Kosher though...my bad]

Again man, thanks- sorry to have to kick you out!

sam and gabbie

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