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redwood housecar built on 1959 GMC pickup

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The “Trundlehouse” is a redwood-sided housecar built in 1971 on a 1959 GMC pickup truck.   It is running, but needs substantial work before going on the road again.

Its height is 112 inches to top of smokestack (4 inches less if smokestack of the woodstove is removed).  Overall length is 228 inches (plus a removable spare tire above the front bumper).  The width of the redwood "house" is 84 inches (plus 4 inch roof overhang both sides). This is about 8 inches wider and 18 inches longer than the original bed of the 1959 GMC Fleetside or Wideside (“Blue Chip series”) pickup, which has a wheelbase of 126 inches and width to outside edge of tires of 69 inches.  Gross weight is under 6000 pounds.  The engine is a stock 270 cu. in. straight-6. Drive train is a 4-speed manual transmission with compound low gear and an oversize "schoolbus" differential.

Some features you may notice in photos: Bucket seats for driver and passenger from a 1960s Mustang, seat belts from an airplane, a compass under the dash from a Sherman tank and a tachometer gauge that reads in roentgens per hour (equivalent to 1000s RPM). Clear old-growth redwood siding, moldings and closet doors are from a pre-1900 house in Santa Rosa that my father dismantled and saved; cabinet doors are redwood 1x16s, not plywood. The cabin is equipped with a Sears cast-iron potbelly stove and chimney, hand-tiled sink with antique faucet, stereo speakers, fire extinguisher, icebox and cat box compartment, in addition to storage cabinets and drawers. There is a separate 12 volt DC circuit for the cabin; also a 120 volt AC circuit with an invertor for operation from a battery. The Trundlehouse has a double-bed foam mattress that is folded for sitting: the free side is raised and supported on slide-out beams for sleeping (the mattress is old and flaky and should be replaced).

The Trundlehouse is a “fixer-upper”, needing both wood- and metal-work appropriate to a house or car over 50 years old.  There is termite damage to the non-redwood studs and rafters that needs repair; the redwood siding and interior carpentry is in good shape. The cedar shingle roof needs replacing; if driven at freeway speeds, old shingles will probably blow off. Rust has penetrated the fenders and damaged door hinges; replacement parts are available (see https://bodyshopprice.com/gmc/pickup-fullsize/1958-1959/).  About 10 years ago it went into the shop for radiator repair and new tires, brakes, gas tank, muffler and tailpipe.

It was registered in 1972 as a "housecar" (https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/handbook/vehicle-industry-registration-procedures-manual-2/commercial-vehicles/housecars). The wood cabin is not detachable; it was bolted to the pickup frame after removing excess steel from the bed. There is a crawl-through from the cabin into the truck cab. California registration is up-to-date (2023) License: 522 ERM.

Included are accessories intended for restoration and enhancement of its function as a traveling home:  clear old-growth redwood 2x6s and 1x12s for structural repair, CB radio and 1960s-finish dashboard AM/FM radio, timing light and engine analyzer, camping cookware and propane stove, stainless steel drinking water tank (to replace a 5-gallon glass bottle), 60-amp 12-volt DC supply for fast battery charging and starting, and much more. 

For details of the design, construction, travel history and capabilities of this unique cabin-on-wheels, please contact me. If it is relocated close enough to my new home in Santa Rosa, I would be happy to provide expertise and labor to the recipient who undertakes repair and restoration.  It is presently located in Redwood City.

All proceeds of the sale will be donated to Quaker charities (list of charities on request).

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