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so, i know this activity may not sound all that fun, but -- believe it or not -- i think it may just improve safety and the quality of life for everyone in the bay area. seriously, how often do you come across opportunities to make such a difference in the lives of an entire community?

basically, i'm looking for a whole bunch of people to join me in using turn signals when we drive. for some reason, it seems that so few people really appreciate the value of turn signals here, but i know that there are many of you out there who can grasp the idea of signalling when you turn in your automobile. sure, you probably grew up or learned how to drive in a region where turn signals were normal, not a rarity, but now you're here in the beuatiful bay area, and it's our chance -- no, our duty -- to share this cultural practice with oblivious bay area drivers.

you know the turn signal that i'm talking about, right? it's usually just to the left of the circular contraption that allows you to control the direction of your car. i know that most of you are right-handed, but it's really not as difficult as it may seem to use your left hand to hit that signal (down if you're turning left, up if you're going to turn right). if you're not that comfortable with it, you could probably get away with throwing your right arm across your body to use the signal -- hardly anyone will notice.

see, in the bay area, as with most metropolitan regions in this country, there are often more than one car driving down a street at any one time, and for some reason, i just have faith that it helps when all the drivers know which direction people are planning to move their 2 ton moving hunk of metal before they actually do it. call it blind faith, but let's just see if this thing works. from what i understand, it might be beneficial to motorcyclists, as well.

and things are also compounded since there are often more than one lane going in the same direction on any given street in the bay area (again, not very different from other regions where people actually use the turn signal). frequently, cars in different lanes move at varying speeds which sometimes encourages some drivers to change lanes. changing lanes is sometimes difficult (and a little dangerous, even!) when people in your desired lane have no idea about the plan you've hatched, and the drivers behind you are wondering why you're slowing down so suddenly. just flick on that turn signal, and you'll satisfy everyone's curiosity and might even prevent considerable damage to that car you've spent over $20,000 on.

i just believe it might work, and am looking for a group of people who want to give it a try, too. i've seen it work in other places, and i wonder how popular this turn signal activity might be in the bay area.

just give it a chance, if you've never tried it. what do you say?

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