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Presenting: the Mr. Right Now of bookcases. Not for taking home to Mom or making a lifetime commitment to, but just right for, well, right now. For filling that immediate need. You know how it is. You know that feeling. Books piling up? Stuff on the floor? Short of cash? Don't worry, the Mr. Right Now of Bookcases will handle it all. Sturdy yet lightweight, reliable, uncomplaining, unassuming. You'll never hear your other furniture say about him, "Hey, he's just not that into you." Smooth, white, compressed-particulate (or whatever the heck you call it) with two (count em, two) shelves. Goes with almost anything, anyone. Measuring out at a respectable 34 inches high by 30 inches side to side (does he work out? he must) by 11 inches front to back (oooh). Has a couple flaws*, but hey, who doesn't? We've enjoyed our time together, but now, it's time for him to move on. The Mr. Right Now of Bookcases. He'll be there when you need him. And he'll understand when you trade up for a more long-lasting commitment. (*flaws in this case = a cracked surface on the top corner -- brought on by Mr. Right Now of Bookcases unwisely standing under a heavy object during the '89 quake. He's never been quite the same since... but he's still a hunk ...of furniture. Do as I did: put something on top of that corner -- a decorative plate, a decorative cloth, and voila, who'll know the difference?) Did I mention he's free? No cash, no barter, no strings. No kidding. In SF's Richmond District. Email and/or send phone number to arrange a pickup. this is in or around winging its way into your heart... for the time being

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