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I have a used bag of Kirkland brand grated cheese, which I'd like to sell or trade. Follows is a detailed description of what I have to offer. If you have other questions, please email me, and I'll try to answer them the best that I can.

The contents of the bag is a mix of Cheddar and Monterey jack. I doesn't say what the cheddar/jack ratio is, but it seems to be about 50/50. Maybe 58/42, leaning toward the cheddar side. This was originally a 5lb bag, out of which I used about 2 lbs of cheese to make an appetizer for a party. I also used a little bit the next day, to mix with some rice and beans I had for lunch. Well, it was a pretty late lunch, but there's no word for a meal that's a late lunch or earlier dinner. Not like brunch, which is sort of late breakfast or early lunch, and has it's own special word. Anyway, the bag has only been open for about 36 hours or so. It's been refrigerated for most of time, except when I had it out for cooking. I guess it was out of the fridge while I pushed it around in the shopping cart at Costco, and then on the way home, it was in my car. That was a pretty short period of time, because I didn't stop anyplace else, even though I was right near Home Depot, and I kind of need some stuff from there. So, except for a few brief moments out of the cold, this cheese has been refrigerated and kept in its original, sealed bag. I'd say it's still very fresh, and will be just as good as if you had opened it yourself.

You might notice in the picture that this cheese is certified to be "Real", and includes a small emblem assuring you of this quality. I'm not sure what criteria they use for judging a cheese's realness, or what agency implements the realness testing. I'm sure you could find out more details about this, if you're interested. Try calling Costco first, and ask if they know. If they don't, then maybe there's an 800 number for the "Real" certification hotline or something? I'll look for a number on the bag when I get home. Still, from the photo it seems like a pretty legitimate logo. I honestly felt the cheese was pretty real when I ate some. I'm betting the "Real" thing is on the up and up.

You may wonder; why am I getting rid of this bag? Well, I hate to admit this, but it's because this is just way too much cheese for me to eat. After woofing down all those appetizers at the party, I'm already tired of cheese. I'd ask my friends over to help, but they were all just over for the party, so I don't think I could get them back again so soon. I usually don't eat a lot of cheese, maybe just a sprinkle on some pasta, or maybe one slice of swiss in a sandwich some times. I'm really not used to packing the stuff in. I think, if I eat much more cheese, I'll get blocked up. That always sucks. I suppose I could keep it around, and chip away at the bag over time, even build up a tolerance. But, it's a pretty big bag. That could take ages, and the cheese might go bad, which seems like a waste. Also, it's taking up a lot of room in the refrigerator. I'd like to clear the space out for some juice, or a salad, or something like that.

Please make an offer. This bag of cheese could be yours, and probably for a nice price, one that is much better than what it costs in the store. If you make a good offer, I'll throw in an opened box of Triscuits, that's been hanging around in my kitchen since last summer. Those crackers are pretty hefty, so they might not be totally stale yet. But I'm throwing them in, so it's not a big deal if you get them, and they're stale, and you just chuck them. But, if they're not stale, then you'd have cheese and crackers, and then you would be all set. You could make a few as a snack, or entertain some friends, or maybe stage them on a plate in your living room, like for a photo shoot, or something? That would probably be best if the crackers were stale, so you could get some use out of them without eating them. I'd include a picture of the box of crackers, but I just thought of it, and I'm not home to snap a photo.

Also, if you have something to trade, email with details and pictures. If you're thinking of trading food, you should know that I'm a vegetarian. In fact, after eating 2.5lbs of melted cheese, I'm thinking of becoming a vegan. I'd maybe trade for something like oatmeal, or a carton of soy milk, or something like that. Not ice cream, for sure. In fact, if I become vegan, I'll probably sell the rest of the pint of vanilla ice cream I've been working on this past week.

If you happen to be flying somewhere soon, and you want to bring this cheese to starving people, that would be cool, too. In that case, if you show me the plane ticket, so I know you're really going there, I'd give you the cheese for free. Or, even better, you could buy me a ticket, too, and I'll go with you, and then I could distribute the cheese, and not interrupt your travel plans. We could also snack on some of the cheese while we're on the plane, or add it to those crappy sandwiches they sell for $8. At the least, you could give me a receipt, so I could maybe get a little off my taxes, because they do that for giving things away to charity, right? We can work that out, just let me know.

The cheese is located at my house, in East Oakland, near Mills College. I could be around any evening this week to show it to you, if you're interested. Well, Tuesday evening would be a little hard, because I have to meet my therapist. On nights when I see her, I usually don't get home as early as the other nights. I guess I could still meet you, but it would have to be a little later, and that would mean we wouldn't have as much time to talk about the cheese. If that's okay with you, then Tuesday can work, but the other nights are not as restricted. Hopefully another night besides Tuesday works, but I want to be flexible, so I can be sure this cheese finds a good home.

Thanks for your interest, hope to hear from you.

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