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Step 1: Look at all those CUTE PUPPIES on Craig's List!! I can't resist,
I really want a puppy!!

Step 2: I'm sure the landlord won't care (I'll explain it to him). Plus my all
my friends want me to get a CUTE PUPPY!! :^) :^) :^)

Step 3: Lots of breeders on Craig's List... Here's one! Look how CUTE!!!
It's not expensive and I can take it home today! How exciting!!

Step 4: So cute! He has the cutest markings! I love him! My friends all
love him. Wish I didn't have to clean up all the poop and pee when I get home
but it's OK, he's so snuggly and happy to see me.

Step 5: Where did all this energy come from? He's so cute but he wears
me out sometimes, LOL!!!! But I still love him.

Step 6: He's been making this really high-pitched YIP YIP YIP YIP out in the
yard while I'm at work and some nosy old busybody is complaining. Why won't he shut up?

Step 7: Oh no, I left him in the house so he wouldn't bark and he ripped the
curtains and chewed up my best shoes. What's wrong with him? I'd ask the vet
but have been postponing his shots and getting him fixed-- kinda broke right now...

Step 8: Bad week. The landlord called to say dogs weren't allowed and wants me
to replace the drapes and the screen door and pay a higher deposit. I can't
afford that-- my temp job ended last month. What bad luck!!

Step 9: Why won't my friends take my dog for a few months? Thanks a lot.
I'll have to look for another place now. Will lose my original deposit too,
really sucks. I don't want to give up my puppy but maybe he deserves a
better home with someone with more time.

Step 10: Someone said that breeders take back their dogs so I contacted
the breeder from Craig's List but they said no. I said they could have him
for free but they won't take him. How mean. And the landlord's being a real
jerk now. I don't have time for this BS.

Step 11: Post a cute ad on Craig's List--
Adorable 11 month old for adoption. Still puppy-like! Loves attention.
Owner must relocate and can not take the dog. Puppy comes with special
bed. Good Home only. FREE."

Step 12: Post the ad again. Landlord sent me a letter.

Step 13: Post the ad again. Horrible situation, too much pressure!!!

Step 14: Hooray!!! I didn't have to take my baby to the pound after all.
Someone was going to get a dog from the animal shelter but saw my free ad
first. Everything is OK now!

....meanwhile at the shelter, a needle is pushed into the leg of another
sweet, trusting young dog surrendered by his owner. Someone had called
about him yesterday but never came, and now his time is up. The plunger
moves forward. He sighs deeply and quietly dies, and his warm body is added
to the overflowing barrels of other forgotten dogs, bought and discarded by
people who didn't keep them either.


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