Originally Posted: 2005-03-03 8:32am

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Dear Doctor,

I consider you my friend. It is with the utmost respect for you as a doctor and as a woman that I ask you, please, please, put those giant boobs away.

I visit you at your office on a regular basis for medical treatment. You are a skilled physician. You normally wear a white lab coat with your name embroidered on the chest pocket. I have had many memorable dreams about you and that lab coat.

But please, Doctor, please leave the lab coat on. When you wear your white lab coat, I have trouble enough talking to you, because you are more than beautiful, you are porn star sexy. But yesterday I walked into your office, and, as I hung up my coat on the coat rack, I saw on the adjacent hook: your white lab coat.

Why did you wear a skin tight spandex shirt? Did it have to reveal every curve and contour of your giant breasts? Did it have to be so cold in that little room? How was I supposed to look you in the eye, when your huge round boobs were staring me in the eye? How was I supposed to carry on a conversation with you while the mantra, “Boobies, Boobies, Boobies....” endlessly repeated in my mind?

Please doctor, I want to keep you. As my doctor! As my friend! Have mercy. This is just cruel and unreasonable treatment. I haven’t had sex in months. I am married for god’s sake!

Your Patient.

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