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Has it really been five years already? Wow, time really flies with the distractions of life. So many things going on that sometimes itís pretty easy to forget about you. I remember way back when you were projected to be this little $50-60 billion "conflict." But my how youíve grown! Itís hard to believe that now youíre projected total cost is $3 trillion... thatís a lot of zeros! Your ability to suck all the resources of this nation is quite something. The infrastructure of our nation is suffering in innumerable ways because of the lack of available money. It will likely take near an entire generation to recover from you... whenever you stop.

And how do we even recover from the human losses and tragedies? You know damn well weíve created another generation of mentally ill war vets, just like those from Vietnam we all see wandering the streets of our major cities. Over 200,000 have applied for disability benefits. Then thereís the 3990 fatalities in the US forces, and by extension 3990 families that have been changed forever. So many of them seem to be young parents. I donít want to forget the other 308 coalition deaths, the 29,314 US wounded, or countless Iraqi deaths and injuries. And by countless I mean countless. Nobody really knows. But since they started trying to keep track in 2005 there have been 47,000 fatalities.

So war, I really think itís about time you and I went our seperate ways. I donít think I can handle another year of you. But to be realistic I know how tricky it can be to end these kind of dysfuctional realtionships, so Iíll just hope that next year at this time weíll both have moved on and have started the healing process.

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