Originally Posted: 2016-06-27 18:00 (no longer live)

Immaculate Produce at Trader Joe's 6/26 - w4m

I was the blue-eyed brunette in black leggings who asked you if Trader Joe's was still selling collard greens on Sunday, June 26. While you checked in the back, I texted my roommate about the "adorable produce guy at TJs". You reported back to me the bad news; then while I decided on my alternate, you arranged all those greens - the kale, the romaine, the spinach, the micro-greens - in the most immaculate formation I have seen. It was artistry of the type I see in pine cones. When I finally decided on the kale, I clumsily knocked another bag down with it and you had it picked up and put back in half of the blink of an eye. Then I ran away - just me, my regret, and my organic Tuscan kale.

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