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Super Bowl 50 Sign

Super Bowl 50 celebratory sign. Only a dozen made and very few exist intact. Some minor scratches near bottom, and "SuperBowl50" lettering has been temporarily re-arranged to say: "Spurm Owl 05". But you can rearrange the letters to say whatever you want them to after you come down to my garage. I will donate a small portion of the proceeds to help pay for the $5 million cost to San Francisco for hosting the Super Bowl.

You can pay $5000 or choose to answer a series of riddles followed by an erotic themed scavenger hunt in my apartment. I am a BiWM looking for a SJPM or BBW for casual play in RL, No Strings attached

*Cash Only
*No Solar Panel
You should probably bring a flatbed truck, I nearly tweeked my back getting this f**ker into my toyota rav4. Unless of course you want to put on some leopard print and jump down my rabbit hole of fantasy.

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