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Originally Posted: 2004-12-29 03:33

Tasers and Geese

I have recently discovered something that I wish to impart upon the Craig’s List community. Geese have a natural affinity for avoiding tasers. Never assume that it is a good idea to chase the goose that woke you up at 7 oclock in the morning around with a taser. They will know you’re a fucking asshole, they will not retreat to back to your neighbor’s (and their master’s) yard, they will make more noise and demonstrate thier zelous hissing ability. Also if you are inept and not very dexterous you will probably fall in the mud while trying to tase a foul.

Another important piece of information: do not get your taser from some vagabond who is a friend (or stay over client) of your drug-dealing parents. This applies especially if the shell of the taser is slightly damaged. Touching the wrong part of the damaged taser shell while performing a “test shock” will result in you flailing on the muddy ground in electric pain, all while the goose hisses- manically.

I hope this will save all Craig’s List posters from goosey fates. Beware of this vicious animal. Beware of this faulty weapon. Beware of your own stupidity.

this is in or around Humboldt County

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