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favorite this post Things I've learned from posting F4M ads on Casual Encounters

1. CL men do not know how to read.
2. Approximately 30% of men still do not have a digital picture of themselves, yet they've owned a computer and have been online for 5+ years. (I shouldn't even know this, but alas... see #1)
3. Men under 6' lie about their height.
4. Men who lie about their height don't realize that you know within an instant of meeting them that they were lying.
5. Every single guy in the world has 'been told' he's very, very good at licking pussy.
6. Men don't realize that all men say this, and it's bullshit anyway... everyone
knows that women are the best at licking pussy.
7. Men LOVE sending women pictures of penises, even if they're not their own.
8. Couples are so desperate to find a horny girl to join them, the F4M ads seem to be fair game to them, too.
9. Men who think they're all that (but aren't) are the quickest to accuse CL women of being picture collectors when they don't get a response back.
10. Little do they know that their ugly ass pic has already been sent to the
Recycle Bin and the bin was emptied by the time their 'are you a picture
collector?' email comes through.
11. There's no such thing a female picture collector.
12. The same two dozen guys respond to every single F4M ad there is on CE... and you know who you are.
13. Men don't get that a casual encounter = one time thing 95% of the time. GET THE HINT: YOU WEREN'T THAT GOOD IN BED! STOP EMAILING! STOP CALLING!
14. Men in their early 20s are NOT mature for their age... they're just not as
immature as the rest of the boys in their age group, and definitely not able to
handle a woman over 30.
15. There's no way in hell a man can live up to the hyped-up, oversexed, horny
promises he puts in text... it's never once happened.
16. It's the understated ones who are the hottest fucks.
17. It's sooo damn easy to get a hot fuck every night of the week if you're a
woman on CL... it's like picking candy from a candy store. Damn, that's cool.

My MC: With the man who knows all of these things and dares to be different.

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