Originally Posted: 2002-07-16 2:30pm
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Here it is folks!

The TIPS webpage hosted by the US Justice Department is up and running at http://www.citizencorps.gov/tips.html

For those of you who don't recall, TIPS is the website where we report our neighbors, friends, coworkers, and that suspicious looking fellar in the corner as communists... err I mean terrorists.

I quote from the website: "A national system for concerned workers to report suspicious activity." THANK GOD! It's about time!

McCarthy... err, I mean John Ashcroft has been working hard to get millions of Americans to report communists... err I mean terrorists. That's right, it's the neighborhood watch for Russians... err I mean Islamists.

You too can participate!! Aren't you happy!? (If not, e-mail me so I can report you.) That's right folks, just click that link above and report away! Your Grandma could be one! Your brother! Your Neighbor! YOUR DOG FOR GODS SAKE!! Who knows, in no time you could be called into court to point out the witches... err... I mean communists... no... sorry, I mean terrorists! Just think of all you can be doing to help America be strong!


PS: Visitors to the site will be monitored for their own security.

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