Originally Posted: 2002-06-11 1:46pm

favorite this post Responses to most common Craigslist Postings

Post: HELP! I need (insert $ amount) to pay rent by Friday.

Response: Sorry to hear about your financial woes. Instead of asking strangers to help you. Why don't you call your landlord and ask him/her for an extension? If you are uncomfortable with that maybe you should take a payday advance - there are pay day advance offices all over the place. Don't have a job? Call unemployment. Not eligible for unemployment? Call Wellfare. Don't want wellfare? Then why are you asking strangers for money? And by the way - Did you know it is illegal for someone other than a bank or accredited financial institution to loan you money?

Post: What is 420?

Response: 420 is marijuana, pot, refer, mary jane, hemp, dope, weed, whacky tobacco, the kind stuff, doobage or grass. And no ... I don't know where to get any.

Post: What happened to Vinnie?

Response: Vinnie quit or was fired. He allegedly had some attendence issues and left the show. The End.

Post: Craigslist is censoring my posts!

Response: Craigslist owns the website and can edit as they see fit. No, it isn't censorship because Craigslist isn't run by the government. If you want to express your opinions - get your own website. Don't know how to create a website? Get a paper and pen - write down your post and stick it to your shirt.

Post: Where do I get a good bikini wax?

Response: Hey Lady that's your vagina were talkin' about! Are you really going to trust a total stranger's advice about where to go for someone to pour hot wax on your lower region and yank out your pubes ???

Post: Do you know (insert name here) ... I need to get in contact with him/her.

Response: And what? Break his legs, abduct her, sue him? I don't think so.

Post: Are you a member of (enter website or service)? Can I borrow your password?

Response: Remember that little thing called the Dot Com Boom and then the Dot Com Bust? These websites need money to provide services to customers - no money = no service or higher costs for me.

Post: Massage Trade: You give me (enter name of expensive goods and/or service) and I'll give a massage.

Response: Since when did massages become the currency of the new economy? By the way, are you a CMT? If not - that sounds like something akin to prostitution which is illegal

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