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Helllo all,
My name is mike and i'm an environmental activist from south texas. I've been working for a non profit caravan driving on vegetable oil and we just returned from Costa Rica. I"m stuck in the bay until I can get ahold of a porsche 911 to drive down to south Texas for our 5 year family reunion. If you have a porsche that needs transport to KarnesCity Texas, I'm the man to do it. My driving experience is as follows --
100 thousand miles behind a black 1990 acura integra
20 thousand miles +/- driving veggie VW vanagons
15 thousand miles +/- driving veggie full size school bus
200 miles +/- night driving an audi A8 on the autobahn in alemania for my father who cannot see well at night
porsche experience is as follows --
100 feet behind wheel of silver mid 90's coupe at car wash in St. Louis
.5 miles behind wheels of 2 boxters at marriot hotel valet 11th and 35, Austin
25 miles from office depot(san rafael) to forest knolls and back in
1977 911s(thanks tony)
0 miles behind late 90's convertible in los angeles, owner is a rich lawyer
and I was arrested for auto burglary for sitting in the drivers' seat(the door was unlocked). I ingested a banana(not organic) from the passenger door gutter and this was all i took from the vessel. Bail was 30,000 which my parents paid to get me uncaged although i keep telling them it will be cheaper to buy me a 4500$ 71 911 targa than keep paying bail for sitting in other peoples' porsches.
My parents are conservative Texans and they took me to multiple doctors trying to explain the behavior regarding the porsches. All of them accused me of being bipolar, which i guess means depressed when not driving a porsche. The only way I can redeem myself is to show up to our family reunion this weekend in a porsche 911. If you could help us out, my family is up in arms, and we would all be much better off when I show up to the reunion in a Porsche.
thank you and god bless,
/\/\ichael Carter

p.s. If everyone in California is too busy to help me out with a few wheels, I will be catching a flight from Oakland at 3 this afternoon.

this is in or around Bay Area

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